Born in Lisbon in the year 1980, Bruno is a sound engineer producer, thus composer and musician, playing guitar, bass and keyboards.
His musical career began at age 11 where he began to learn guitar and bass. At the age of 15, he entered the EPMA (Professional School of Music of Almada) where he studied for 4 years, developing his passion for this area and performing several works live and in studio. In this school he expanded his knowledge from classical to jazz. After completing his studies, he began to teach electric guitar at two schools in Portugal, where he was the founder of the discipline.
At this stage of his life he highlights learning composition with Luis Tinoco and guitar with Rui Luis Pereira-Dudas and Gonçalo Pereira.
He later worked as a sound technician for some companies, until he achieved a steady career at Vila do Bispo City Hall in the Algarve, where he was responsible for the planning and organization of musical and cultural events, with the role of sound engineer.
During this period he continued to be a guitar teacher but for the OJL Jazz Orchestra of the Algarve.
In 2009, he traveled to England (London) with the aim of moving forward in his career. He initially attended the Audio Engineering course at the SAE-London Institute, where he developed a deeper knowledge of different types of equipment, and had the opportunity to integrate all the technical procedures inherent to the sound engineer profession.
He made recordings at Abbot Street studios, where he produced a variety of musical genres, working with leading international musicians such as Kelly Minogue.
In September 2011 he completed his Master in Audio Production at the University of Westminster. With this academic degree he acquired a deep knowledge in the functions related to the world of audio production.
Between SAE-London and the University of Westminster, he had the opportunity to work with top professionals such as Bob Katz (mastering guru), Steve Albini (Nirvana sound engineer), Matt Hyde (producer of major metal bands such as Deftones, Slipknot and Slayer), Kevin Paul (sound engineer with credits in, for example, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave and David Bowie), Stephen Street (producer with credits in, for instance in, The Smiths, The Cranberries and Blur) or Justin Fraser (well-known instructor of Pro Tools and sound designer in, in particular, Harry Potter, Troy and BBC)
Back in Portugal he had for two years a space in Nirvana Studios where he created BZ 5 Records from which he exerts his profession internationally in the area of composition / production and sound engineering with artists of music and also for cinema and audiovisual works.
Bruno has been composing and performing live with c.e.m (research center in the studies of body and movement) performance gathering: “patio-how to live together more than one?” in the productions “infallible proposal to see if this results”, premiered in the Music Box in Lisbon (2015), “como vivir más que uno?”, premiered at La Tabacalera in Madrid (2016) , “What can a body?” Premiered at the of Arts of Sintra in the context of the Llansolian days organized by João Barrento (2016).
Since 2014 he has been collaborating with the c.e.m-center in movement, notably inside Pedras-practices with people and places in Lisbon, where he is responsible for the radio programs and for the creation of the last four audio and video documentaries of Pedras Festivals.
He has taught at ETIC-Lisboa in the course of HND cinema and TV since 2016.
In 2017 he composed and is performing live the solo music of Sofia Neuparth (“Sopro”) with atmosphere of Margarida Agostinho, released under the festival Pedras17-Manual de Estar. This piece has circulated in several places of mainland Portugal and islands also in France (Paris and Lille).                                                                                                                       

During 2018 has been continuously invited to create video-music-audio production promos essentially for projects linked to dance-theater-performance.                                                                                                             

At this moment is immersed in the realization of “AWAY” a solo sound project with image by Play Bleu, a musical journey composed of a single track that integrates his diverse experiences from metal to kinematic, to industrial, punk or classical music.

Westminster University Award Information

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