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Bruno de Azevedo – 4U
Composer – Musician – Sound Engineer

Bruno de Azevedo – Away
Composer – Musician – Sound Engineer

Histórias de um Cabelo (Sofia Neuparth)
Composer – Musician – Sound Engineer

  •     Histórias de um Cabelo – 01 História do livro que a gente trouxe para ler aqui
  •     Histórias de um Cabelo – 02 História com um cabelo na piscina e sem pessoas grandes
  •     Histórias de um cabelo – 03 História com chuva
  •     Histórias de um cabelo – 04 História debaixo da cama
  •     Histórias de um cabelo – 05 Nesta História entra um dragão
  •     Histórias de um cabelo – 06 O comboio
  •     Histórias de um cabelo – 07 O cabelo faz anos
  •     Histórias de um cabelo – 08 O tempo do limoeiro
  •     Histórias de um cabelo – 09 Era uma vez
  •     Histórias de um cabelo – 10 A viagem do cabelo

In Kold Blood – Evil Promises
Composer – Musician – Sound Engineer

  •     In Kold Blood – Evil Promises

2DROP – Piano Roll
Mixer Engineer – Mastering Engineer

Away – Leaving a Way Choosing a Way
Composer – Musician – Sound Engineer

Faria feat. Jim Morrison – A New Permission Blues
Music Producer – Mastering Engineer

The Elektro Vakuum Orchestra new single recorded and produced @ BZ 5 Records!
Music Producer – Sound Engineer – Mastering Engineer – Lead Guitar – Bass – Keyboard – Drum Programmer

2Drop mastered @ BZ 5 Records!
Mastering Engineer

The Ebony Tones mastered @ BZ 5 Records!
Mastering Engineer

BZ 5 Records inauguration track!
Composer – Musician – Sound Engineer

My new solo adventure, electronic music, this is the first track, stay tune for the upcoming musics.
Composer – Musician – Sound Engineer

R&B Album produced in my final year of masters degree, in Westminster, sung by Mike L.
Composer – Music Producer – Sound Engineer – Guitar Player – Bass Player -Keyboard Player

Experimental album, produced by me and composed by Tiago Cerqueira.
Music Producer – Sound Engineer

Live instrumental music event in Vila do Bispo – Algarve.
Sound Engineer – Live Mixer engineer – Mastering Engineer


Blizz – Cicatrizes da vida
Composer – Musician – Sound engineer – Guitar Player – Bass Player – Keyboard Player – Backing vocals

The Elektro Vakuum Orchestra – Do you really need his hands for your passion
Sound Engineer – Music Producer – Mastering engineer – Keyboards

The fox – And you know
Sound Engineer – Mastering engineer

Jane Smith – Can’t help it
FOH engineer – Mastering Engineer

Bunny Came – TV Games
1st assistant engineer

Brian Brooks – On This Side Of The Sun
1st assistant engineer – Bass Player

Los Banditos Especiale Grandos Musicale – Deborah & Barbara
Sound Engineer – Music Producer – Keyboard Player

Commercials and other work for radio.

  •     War at Home – Radio Sitcom (Adaptation)

  •     Rádio Onda Viva – Sons da noite

  •     Funky goes to alaude – Radio V


  •     Histórias de um Cabelo – 01 História do livro que a gente trouxe para ler aqui